We came across this video during FHE. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



Karen has completed her first lasagna here in Cedar Rapids! Doesn't it look scrumptious and delectable?!



After nearly 24 hours of driving, and 4 days later, we have finally arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Here is a summary of our first week:
  1. Because winter does not last 8 months here (like in Logan), there are many bugs. We experienced this first-hand when we were trying to play tennis at sunset. I snorted a bug while breathing, and we both must have looked a little crazy waving our arms and racquets in the air without a ball in sight.
  2. There are no mountains and approximately zero hills here. However, everything is very green and pretty.
  3. Before we had a chance to go to the grocery store, we experienced a wonderful yet rare pleasure in life brought to us by Jules Bakery down the street. Although we could feel our arteries clogging as we ate their scrumptuous creations, we were in heaven.
  4. The whole town revolves around Rockwell Collins... literally. The day before Jared started work, it took us about a half an hour to find the one building and entrance that he was supposed to start at the next day. There are about 50 buildings on the campus, and it takes up multiple city blocks.
  5. Last but not least is our favorite. We have lovingly named him Tommy. Tommy the Turkey. Surrounding our apartment is a wooded area where wild turkeys live. We first saw Tommy the day after we moved in and we thought there was only one of him. However, we saw four or five turkeys in a group, so we really don't know how many there are. We have named them all Tommy. Tommy is absolutely huge, and we will try to get a picture of him eventually.


Have you ever driven through Nebraska? Although it is beautiful, it is quite a boring trip. However, we were able to stop at the University of Nebraska football stadium for some pictures. It was the highlight of Jared's day! We also stopped in Winter Quarters, and it was such a neat experience! We walked through the visitor's center, around the temple grounds, and through the pioneer cemetery. It was all very beautiful and we felt a sweet spirit throughout the day.


To begin our 23 hour Iowa trek, we started by spending a few days in Denver, Colorado. We were excited to go to a Rockies baseball game the night we arrived, but we were disappointed to find out that the game had been RAINED OUT! This wasn't just wimpy Utah rain; instead, it kept on coming down. We also used our free time that night to go to the coolest aquarium ever! The next morning, we woke up to a couple of inches of snow on our car and had to dig our snow brush out which was buried in our back seat. The perfect way to begin a summer vacation! We were able to go to a Rockies game the following afternoon, and we also had a great time at the outlets. It was so much fun!



Long hair...short hair, just like that! Karen once again donated her hair to locks of love (she did it back in high school and junior high as well). She looks fabulous doesn't she!


I am now a proud college graduate of Utah State University! I don't think it's really sunk in that I don't have to register for anymore classes or lug my heavy backpack around campus ever again... It is bitter-sweet, but I'm glad to have a degree under my belt! I am so grateful to everyone who helped me complete college!



For graduation, my mom and dad sent me these beautiful flowers! Definitely a motivation for Finals Week... Thanks mom and dad!


In celebration of our last week of classes, we spoiled ourselves with all you can eat sushi. We don't understand how raw fish can be so scrumptious, but we sure love it!


For my final project in my painting class, I had to make a wood panel and paint a picture that was as tall as me! Naturally, I went to my carpenter of a father for his wood and tool expertise. My panel ended up being 4 feet by 5 1/2 feet, so it was quite the project! This is a landscape of my family's farm in Idaho, which is a place that we love.


Today is May 6th, so naturally we had to have a blizzard... An inch and a half later, we are still happy to be Loganites. And by the way, it is currently a balmy 32 degrees outside. Long live winter!