Our adorable baby girl is already a week old! She has been doing well despite having a case of Jaundice that we have been trying to take care of. She is also gaining back her birth weight, and is spending a little more time awake than she did initially. We just look at her and our hearts melt!

A few things about Daphne:
~She loves to move her arms and legs. No matter how tight we swaddle her, she still manages to get her arms out somehow.
~She is an excited eater, yet nursing makes her fall asleep. We have tried everything trying to keep our little sleeper awake to eat.
~She loves when daddy burps her; mommy doesn't seem to have the right touch yet.
~Stroking her eyebrows makes her go to sleep.
~She loves to put her hands up by her face no matter if she is asleep or awake.
~She loves to crinkle up her forehead and arch her eyebrows.
~She makes a grunting sound sometimes when she is sleeping and eating.
~Daphne is the cutest baby in the world!

Daphne sporting her fashionable Billi-Blanket to help get rid of her Jaundice

Our Billi-Blanket glow worm

Daphne wide-awake

Daphne and Mama on her one week birthday!


Our sweet baby girl is finally here! Daphne Wilcock entered the world on January 21st, 2011 at 4:16 am. She weighed 6 pounds 3.5 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is precious and beautiful and we are so blessed to be parents to this little girl! We can't believe that she is ours!!

We thought we would tell our labor and delivery story...
On Thursday, January 20th, we went to see the doctor for our 38 week appointment. I had been on bed rest trying to keep my very high blood pressure down, so we were thinking that Daphne would probably be coming a little early. However, nothing really prepared us for the doctor asking, "How do you feel about having a baby today? Have you packed your toothbrush?" We headed over to the hospital at 1:00 pm, and I was induced at 1:30 in the afternoon. Everything went well and quite smoothly; I was dilating well and the contractions were manageable. The doctor came to check on me at about 9:00 pm, broke my water, and two contractions after that I was incredibly ready for an epidural. It took the anesthesiologist two tries to get into my "very strong ligament" back, but I felt so much more comfortable afterwards. Between 1:30 am and 2:30 am, I dilated from a 5 to a 9, started pushing at 3:30 am, and our sweet Daphne was born at 4:16 am! She was amazing and healthy, despite swallowing a large amount of amniotic fluid as she was being born. We were shocked to see how much beautiful hair she has! It looks light brown, so we will be excited to see what her final hair color turns out to be. Her eyes are dark blue, and she has long, pretty fingers. She is such a doll!

We're ready to have our baby!

~Daphne Wilcock~

One of my favorite hospital pictures of us- look at all that hair!

Our first family picture

Daddy and Daphne



So I have officially been put on bed rest as of this past Monday! That darn high blood pressure... it's been creeping up for awhile this last trimester, so now my days consist of laying on my side. Jared has been a trooper and has taken such great care of me. Bed rest is definitely not glamorous; yesterday was the first time all week I had actually gotten ready. I had an appointment yesterday where the doctor told me to go straight over to Labor & Delivery to get monitored. After 3 fun-filled hours at the hospital, they let me go home with even more strict instructions to do nothing. Fortunately, the baby is still doing great despite my blood pressure spikes! She's a little over 6 pounds and growing more everyday! We sure are excited for her to come!