Our poor little Daphne has had a stomach bug that has resulted in horrible diarrhea for the last... 11 days! Not to be gross, but as all of you mothers know, you get up close and personal with your childrens' poop. When we were at the Doctor's office this week, our pediatrician recommended a homemade diaper rash cream that they always used when he worked with hospitalized babies. We are now huge fans! Thought I'd share the recipe (ew).

-1 tub of Aquaphor (you can find this in the moisturizer section of Wal Mart)

-Empty half the tub or so of Aquaphor into a separate tupperware container.
-Add Mylanta slowly until you reach a creamy consistency (I would guess it was about 2 parts Aquaphor to 1 part Mylanta)
-Stir like crazy.
-Apply at every diaper change if your baby's tush is chapped, or just at bedtime otherwise.

I love that it is almost odorless, and it has really helped Daphne! Good luck to all you diaper-rash fighters out there.



Thanks a million to my amazing Natalie and her wicked camera skills.



Daph is 9 months old, and has become such a little lady! She is full of personality like we've never seen before, and she is absolutely hilarious. She is an angel, and we love every part of her!

9 months stats:
Height: 28" (60th percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds 6 ounces (55th percentile)
Head circumference: I can't remember the exact measurement, but she's off the charts!

Daph did great at her doctor's appointment, especially since there were no scheduled vaccinations! The nurse gave her a plastic hippo for her bravery. New favorite toy.

A little about Daphne:

~Still loves to read, and is incredibly interested in turning the pages. Sometimes way too fast.
~LOVES playing with her animals! She kisses them and always chooses them first to play with.
~She is really good at pointing. She especially points at everything she likes in her books.
~She is talking up a storm, and babbles using new syllables. Our favorite thing lately is that she says "oh" and "hi" with the cutest lilt in her voice. Cutest baby sounds we've ever heard.
~Daph says sounds that sound just like "hi," "hey," and "hello" when she talks to us or wants to get our attention, and when Jared walks through the door after work. The nurse at her appointment even thought she said "hello." Smart babes.
~Loves to feed herself, with her favorite foods being: grapes, pasta, yams, and mangoes.
~Leans in for kisses! My favorite.
~Loves to clap.
~Loves to play with hangers, pulls as many wipes out of her container as she can before I stop her, and loves anything forbidden such as tissues and paper.
~Likes her touch-and-feel animal books
~Loves watching me brush my teeth, put on make-up, and especially putting on chapstick.
~Loves to play with balls and her toy truck
~Fake laughs and mirrors what we do
~Is getting more friendly with people other than Jared and me
~Loves to play with spoons
~Holds EVERYTHING over the edge... no matter where she is, in her exersaucer or her high chair, she holds everything I give her to play with over the edge, and often drops it. She then looks at me and says an "ah-oh" sound.
~Her hair is getting so long you can tuck it behind her ears
~Loves looking out the window, watching birds, trucks, and cars
~Is getting closer to crawling... we're trying to convince her that it will be fun.
~Has the biggest smile for Jared when he gets home from work
~Her favorite songs lately: "Popcorn Popping" and "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam"

We LOVE our little baby and can't believe she is so grown up!! She's our sweetheart.

Since she is almost 20 pounds, she graduated to her big-girl carseat this weekend!



Daph has been giving her books kisses for quite some time, she started leaning in for kisses from us a week or so ago, and now she is giving her animals kisses! Cute as can be.



Our cute little lamb!

We got "Booed" a week or two ago and forgot to put our sign on our door... tonight we got booed two more times. I guess that's the strategy for getting a lot of yummy Halloween treats! Oops.


Just playing...

Feeding ourselves better...

"Big" arms...
Pretty new dress...

& wrestling with Daddy!


We took Daph to the zoo for the first time! All of the animals were out and active, and we even saw the new baby elephant. Daphne loved watching the giraffes and a ram eating the leaves off of a branch, and she also equally enjoyed watching some pigeons and the water features in the cages. We also loved the big gorilla, and he loved Daph; they had a staring match with each other, and Daphne won. It was a wonderful day!



Since July when we moved into our house, I have been nursing Daphne while sitting in this little number. INCREDIBLY squeaky. Also incredibly ghetto.

I am very excited to say that from now on I will be swiveling, reclining, rocking, and gliding my baby from this beautiful piece of heaven. Goodbye, folding chair prison. Hello, comfy bliss.


I was looking through the pictures on our camera, and was thinking about how precious our simple moments together at home are. Like...

New zebra pajamas

The pulls on our blinds are one of Daph's favorites!

Folding laundry

This picture makes it into the top 5 that we have of her! One of my FAVORITES!

Excuse the no make-up...

I wasn't going to post this one but I couldn't help it... Gross? Absolutely. Also funny? Yes. There's nothing like a picture of your baby mid spit-up.