Our poor little Daphne has had a stomach bug that has resulted in horrible diarrhea for the last... 11 days! Not to be gross, but as all of you mothers know, you get up close and personal with your childrens' poop. When we were at the Doctor's office this week, our pediatrician recommended a homemade diaper rash cream that they always used when he worked with hospitalized babies. We are now huge fans! Thought I'd share the recipe (ew).

-1 tub of Aquaphor (you can find this in the moisturizer section of Wal Mart)

-Empty half the tub or so of Aquaphor into a separate tupperware container.
-Add Mylanta slowly until you reach a creamy consistency (I would guess it was about 2 parts Aquaphor to 1 part Mylanta)
-Stir like crazy.
-Apply at every diaper change if your baby's tush is chapped, or just at bedtime otherwise.

I love that it is almost odorless, and it has really helped Daphne! Good luck to all you diaper-rash fighters out there.

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