I am a blogging failure, but I can't stand to leave anything out!! So, here is our November.

Eating out... and watering the carpet with Cheerios
A little crafting...
First time we clipped a bow in her hair!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing says "turkey dinner" like a pile of Cheerios and a wooden spoon.

Daphne's "sniffing" face
We were learning about the nativity for FHE, and her favorite thing was putting baby Jesus in her mouth for the lesson.

~Daphne's November Highlights~

~Daph seemed to really fill up with personality around her 9 month mark, more than we had ever seen, and she gets more and more fun everyday!
~LOVES to play peek-a-boo
~Loves her bath, as always
~Her favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
~Loves to watch other kids in church
~Loves looking at buttons
~Loves looking at pictures of herself that are up around the house
~She wants to stand all the time, but is still timid about moving around
~Loves to play in her crib
~Thinks it's funny when I "make her" in the bed
~She will show you her hair when you ask to see it
~Hates cheese and yogurt
~Learned how to take off her sunglasses
~Clicks her tongue
~Says "Mmm" with every bite she eats
~Feeds herself and turns pages in her books with her LEFT hand
~Ticklish little lady in her armpits and on her sides
~November 5th: Upgraded to "big girl" carseat
~Nov. 7th: Cut first top tooth, held my cell phone up to her ear, and started taking big girl baths (which she LOVES)
~Nov. 8th: Started making her sniffing face
~Nov. 10th: Cut her second top tooth
~Week of Nov. 10th: Started saying "DaDa" really well
~Nov. 15th: Started crawling backwards (which is rare and all the crawling this little girl does)
~Nov. 16th: Said "MaMa" for the first time
~Nov. 18th: Started playing Peek-a-Boo herself and laughed harder than I have ever heard her

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Travis and Crystal said...

She is so big! They grow up wayyy too fast!