December was so fun with this girl!!

This month, Daphne really started wanting to move. She starting really standing and stepping on December 8th, and started cruising December 16th. We also really noticed how much she listens to what we are saying, and if we ask her something like "where is your hair?" or "can you give your baby a kiss?" she knows! It's amazing to me how much of a smartie-pants she is.

In December, she also loved to:
~Pull herself up in her crib
~Sign "Cheerios/more." She signs whenever she hears those two words. It's one of my favorite things that she does.
~Finally loves yogurt! Vanilla. Still hates cheese.
~Take stroller rides around the house
~Fake laugh
~Wave to the Christmas tree and the picture of Jesus
~She's a little social butterfly and loves to wave to EVERYONE, but gets shy sometimes if they say "hi" to her first.
~Ticklish on her sides and under her arms
~Loves to throw balls and play 'soccer'
~Knows the body parts: hair, teeth, eyes, tongue
~Still loves to play with Chapstick
~LOVES to growl, will growl when you ask her what a lion says
~Squints so cute when she says "Dada"

~We were at Wal Mart this month, and Daphne was so goofy! I was holding her, and she would grab Jared's arm, hang on tight, and laugh hysterically into his sleeve. Love her.
~We're also big hand-sanitizer people in our house, and one day I noticed that Daphne was waving her hands back and forth... I realized I had just put hand-sanitizer on, and that was how I dry my hands. I then realized I use way too much hand-sanitizer since my 10-month-old knew how to dry her hands after getting them clean. Sweet girl.

Also this month, we...

Hung a painting from college
Ate lots of Cheerios

Got ready for Christmas!
Tried to make another wreath
Made a Graham Cracker house that Daph wanted to destroy

Got a whole box of tissues for Christmas! She loved pulling them out one by one.

Went swimming!
Did some skiing
Saw the lights on Temple Square

& Daphne was cute as can be. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Happy December!

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