We've had a blast this month!

Daphne plays concerts for me everyday. I sit quietly while she plays, then she looks at me for an applause. So cute.

Daph's hair after a bath

Doing some reading...

We went to East Canyon for the Wilcock Sisters' Retreat- so much fun!
Playing with Auntie Alaina &...
doing some stairs practice.

Daph turned 13 months old on the 21st, and we did our first piggy tails to celebrate.

Daddy-Daughter mail reading
We also started coloring practice. This mostly consists of Mama coloring and Daphne taking all the crayons out of the box.
Our favorite thing lately has been swimming lessons!! We have loved our mom and tot class, and are so sad that it is ending next week. Daphne LOVES the pool, and gets upset every time we have to get out of the water. She loves to splash and swim on her tummy, kick, blow bubbles, and the other day she kept putting her whole face in the water and would come up laughing. She's a swimming champ.
Waving to Daddy

We were also able to go to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum for the first time, and loved it.
Daph and her friend Stewart

Daphne was so excited on the day that Jared and his parents came to watch her swim. She kept looking over and waving.

Slide Baby

~A little about our sweet Daph this month~

~Loves to tickle feet, even her own
~Her favorite foods right now are grapes, yogurt, bread, Goldfish, and avocados
~She has the cutest "cheese" squinty face!
~Is not a fan of normal milk yet
~Often talks/sings herself to sleep
~Has learned where her tummy is, and pats her tummy when we ask her where it is (or if I ask her if she's naked)
~Loves having naked time
~Started crawling February 7th! My baby can move! She is also getting more stable on her feet and is getting closer to walking everyday.
~Loves helping with the laundry
~Gets scared when she hears airplanes
~Loves to look outside for kitties, and we have also been able to watch the muskrat who lives in the marsh behind our house
~She is getting more cuddly and gives us sweet kisses at bedtime
~She is in love with her Teddy, and cuddles him often
~Is very ticklish on her sides
~She said her first word, "car," February 17th! She loves looking out the window and telling me about the cars driving by or the ones she can see parked outside.
~Started saying "go" February 28th. She says "go" when she drops a toy or when we ask her "where'd it go?"
~Tries putting everything on her head, and is so disappointed when things fall off
~Takes her hair bows out of her hair, then tries to put them back in herself
~Is very obedient, but makes a whining sound and gets very close to (but not quite touching) the things we tell her she can't touch (like the outlets)
~Puts herself to sleep without a peep at night, but still wakes up 2-3 times each night. Crappy sleep has been my biggest challenge of Motherhood.
~Loves animals! We went to PetsMart on adoption day a couple of weeks ago, and she LOVED it! She starting crying when we had to leave.
~Loves to "stretch" by putting her hands high above her head. I keep a stack of books/toys by my bed so that when she wakes up in the morning I can bring her into my bed and she can play while I try to wake up. She learned how to stretch from seeing me only half-awake in the mornings. Her favorite morning book: her LDS Quiet Book
~Loves fearlessly walking down the stairs (with our help, of course)
~Starting climbing up stairs February 20th
~Is close to saying "ball"
~She is SO friendly, and loves waving and saying "hi" to everyone we see!
~Loves bubbles and signs "more" while we are playing with them
~Daph is a hilarious little angel, and we are SO glad she is ours!!

She also got a marriage proposal last Sunday... the most adorable little boy was sitting next to me in our Primary class and he looked right at me and told me, "I'm going to marry Daphne."

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