Daphne turned 1 this month!! It was so fun to see our little baby have a birthday!

These are her 1-year-old stats:

~Height: 29 inches (50th percentile)
~Weight: 20 pounds 4.5 ounces (44th percentile)
~Head Circumference: 19.3 inches (95th percentile)

Also this month...
~Daphne has found a Lovey!! Her little Teddy is her comfort item who helps her fall asleep at night
~She took her first steps January 4th!! Still no crawling. Go figure.
~Loves the books Coat of Many Colors & Moo, Ba, LaLaLa
~Loves giving kisses and pat-pats, but has never been one to just sit and cuddle... she's too busy.
~Likes watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube
~She has recently learned where her hands, nose, and toes are
~Loves to fake cough
~Her curly hair is so cute, and is getting so long! Definitely a trait from her daddy.
~She waves at everyone in the halls at church
~Daph has started saying the beginning sounds of words, especially "bb" for "ball"
~Her new favorite food is oranges
~Always gets comments about her big, blue eyes
~Loves the "Little Piggies" nursery rhyme
~Loves singing time in Primary
~Loves swimming
~Drinks very well from a straw
~Loves helping me with my make-up

~I was sick this month, and every time I would put the thermometer in my mouth to take my temp, she would look at me and say "Mmmm." Delicious.
~We also started teaching the 5-year-olds in Primary, and on our second week, a boy in my class turned to me and said, "Your baby is funny." That sums it up just right.

Helping Mama with make-up

I had to hurry and clean up the house, so Daphne sat content in her diaper box reading "Parents" magazine. So cute.

Signing "Cheerios"
~She LOVES balloons!
We went swimming on her birthday, and despite having a cold, she loved it!!

A little more crafting...

We had a little birthday party with family, and it was a blast!

Her lion cake before...
& after.


Caralee said...

Wow, her hair is getting long! Those curls are ADORABLE. I love her 1 year pic on the side bar. At least she has something from Jared. :) How funny that she skipped crawling- on to bigger and better things, I suppose! Happy One Year, Daphne!

Smith Family said...

She is soooo beautiful! Just like her mommy!

Happy Birthday Daph!!!!

What a cutie!

Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

Happy Birthday, sweet precious Daph!! The magazine browsing and the balloon bouquet pictures are to die for! Thanks for keeping us updated on our darling niece/cousin.