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Finally!  Here was our October:
Daphne watched much of General Conference in this position:  

Olive Garden in our first restaurant booster seat.  You could tell she felt very grown up.
 Family photo shoot

 Daphne drew a picture for her Uncle Peter (my brother) who is on a mission in Mexico.  Daph was born 2 weeks after he left, so she'll be meeting him for the first time when he comes home on December 31st!
 Painting our Halloween pumpkins!  Daph took it very seriously.  She spent about 30 minutes on hers.

 She loves to sweep and is a very good helper.

 Helping Grandma with our Halloween costumes
We went on many bike rides, and Daphne loves it!  She says "whee!" as we go down the driveway.  She often says that when we are backing out of our driveway in our car, too.
Helping with laundry
First time painting her nails!  Twins.
Showing off her mittens.

Mama-Daughter date at the Tracy Aviary

Nothing says winter like Elmo moon boots.  She loves wearing them.
Visiting Grandma Lola
Happy Halloween! 
Our adorable Pebbles.

Daph loved trick-or-treating!  She loved knocking and would say thank-you after someone gave her a candy.  Her favorite by far was a sucker.

Also this month....
~Started saying "Love you."  It's so sweet.  We laugh because it sounds a lot like "yee-hoo."
~When we are putting her to bed at night, she will tell us "nigh-night, yee-hoo."
~Asks often to have "a turn" with something that we are using or holding.
~Loves the color yellow
~Asks multiple times a day to see the camera so she can look at all the pictures
~Says "toot" after she... toots.
~First 3-word phrase:  "I don't know."  First 4-word phrase:  "Where did it go?"
~Ends most sentences with the word "baby."  I always call her "baby," so she will say things like "okay, baby" and "uh-oh, baby."
~Oct. 6th:  While she was playing by herself, I was listening to her and she counted 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.  Smartie pants.  We're working on 4 and 7.
~Oct. 23rd:  Did her first somersault
~Each morning when I go in her room to get her out of her crib, her first request is for her "toys."  One night this month she woke up at 11 pm ready to go see all of her "toys."  Only about 8 hours early.
~We were walking around Costco, and Daph went into the cold produce room and wouldn't leave.  She wanted to stay in there so she could keep saying "Brrrr."
~One of my absolute favorite moments with Daphne was when we were walking along the shops at Station Park and passed Zumiez.  Daphne could hear the music playing and walked right in like she owned the place and danced her little heart out to the heavy beat of some rap song I'm sure I've never heard.  She danced and danced, and was putting on quite a show for the boys working there.  It was absolutely hilarious and sweet, and the employee with dreads even joined her.



We had a lot of fun together this month!  Starting with the Olive Garden...  Daphne loved having white bread, not to mention all that yummy butter and salt.  

We spent an afternoon at Temple Square collecting leaves and walking around.
Daph's hair proves that it was a very windy day.
We (mostly Jared and our Dads) worked very hard on our front flower beds.  Daph loved getting in on the digging action!
Water party to celebrate Labor Day at Grandma/pa Wilcock's house.

More work on the front yard...
Can you tell who this child is under all the dirt?  We had to shower her off before her bath.  I'm pretty sure that's the dirtiest she's ever been.

Jared's company party at the zoo!  She especially loved all the water animals.
Front row seat to the polar bear!

Fall picnic at Millcreek Canyon

 Spending a fun day at my family's farm!

Daphne's first USU game!  She was a very good fan.

Daphne also loves...
~Playing basketball in her playroom.  She loves putting the ball through the hoop and cheers every time.
~Loves looking through magazines
~Loves smoothies, pumpkins, colors, and counting.
~She also loves being chased around the house and tickled.  She kept telling me "get you, get you" and it took me a couple days to figure out that she wanted me to chase her.  We say "I'm gonna get you!" when we chase her, and so she always asks for us to "get you."
~Points out Jesus in the Ensign/Friend/books
~We were cooking together one day and she waited until I turned my head so she could give me a kiss on the cheek.  So sweet.
~While playing, she will start counting or saying her colors.  It's often 1,2,3, Go!  and Yellow, blue, green, pink, & purple.
~Her favorite book these days:  Charlie at the Zoo
~When she wakes up in the middle night for a drink of water, she uses the sweetest, most awake voice ever.  It's pretty funny.
~Every time she drops something she says "uh-oh, it's okay."
~One day, I told her "hi" and she said "Hi, Baby."  I always call her Baby, so she'll look at me and Jared and tell us "hi, Baby."
~Tells us "nigh-night"
~When Daph was sick this month with Croup, she slept in our bed for a few nights.  One night she woke up and called out "Ernie!" and went right back to sleep.  It sure made me laugh.
~Jared asked Daphne what color her hair was.  She quickly answered "blue."
~When Daph and I were at Smith's grocery shopping, we passed a grim reaper in the Halloween aisle.  She felt his gross clothes and said "cute."  We sure love our girl!



We had such a fun month together, as always.

We took a great day trip to Logan.  I sure miss that town!
Daph's first snack in her big-girl (booster) chair.  She loves it.
We went bowling!  She loved it and was so excited about all the bowling balls around.  She had excellent form.

We hiked Ensign Peak
Showing the camera her rock.

The hilarious goats at the Weber County Fair

Daph's first pony ride!  Every now and then she would lean over and give the pony "pat pats."
Such a big girl!!
Daph loves playing with Play-Doh!
Many more head stands
More animal fun at the Davis County Fair
Sporting her balloon tied around her waist.  It's a new style.
We had a great family reunion for Jared's side of the family.  Grandma Wilcock made these adorable hats and satchels for the little girls to go along with a family history presentation.  See how much she loves wearing her hat?
 We've been going to a lot of Aunti Michelle's Weber High tennis matches.  We always love them.

 ...and even more head stands.

About our sweet Daphne...

~Loves playing on the stairs
~Loves her bath!
~Pats your back when she gives you a hug
~Started counting... she usually skips "1," says "2, 3," and then cheers.  She also says "8" and "10" when we get that far.
~Loves olives
~Folds her arms really well for prayer
~We can't even keep a list of new words she says anymore, she basically repeats something new that we say every time we are talking.  My favorite word Daphne said this month:  "octapus."  Clear as a bell.
~Points out airplanes and birds every time we are outside.  She loves them.
~Eats well with a fork
~Still loves to play with rocks and now will say "smooth" when she feel the surface.  We are practicing the difference between rocks that are smooth and rough.
~Working on our colors, mostly with Candyland and crayons.
~Asks for treats all the time, especially chocolate chips and "Stabusts" (Starbursts)
~Loves being outside
~Says "thank you"
~Loves playing with others
~Learned how to ride her bike really well and say "no no no" while we were away in Las Vegas