We had such a fun month together, as always.

We took a great day trip to Logan.  I sure miss that town!
Daph's first snack in her big-girl (booster) chair.  She loves it.
We went bowling!  She loved it and was so excited about all the bowling balls around.  She had excellent form.

We hiked Ensign Peak
Showing the camera her rock.

The hilarious goats at the Weber County Fair

Daph's first pony ride!  Every now and then she would lean over and give the pony "pat pats."
Such a big girl!!
Daph loves playing with Play-Doh!
Many more head stands
More animal fun at the Davis County Fair
Sporting her balloon tied around her waist.  It's a new style.
We had a great family reunion for Jared's side of the family.  Grandma Wilcock made these adorable hats and satchels for the little girls to go along with a family history presentation.  See how much she loves wearing her hat?
 We've been going to a lot of Aunti Michelle's Weber High tennis matches.  We always love them.

 ...and even more head stands.

About our sweet Daphne...

~Loves playing on the stairs
~Loves her bath!
~Pats your back when she gives you a hug
~Started counting... she usually skips "1," says "2, 3," and then cheers.  She also says "8" and "10" when we get that far.
~Loves olives
~Folds her arms really well for prayer
~We can't even keep a list of new words she says anymore, she basically repeats something new that we say every time we are talking.  My favorite word Daphne said this month:  "octapus."  Clear as a bell.
~Points out airplanes and birds every time we are outside.  She loves them.
~Eats well with a fork
~Still loves to play with rocks and now will say "smooth" when she feel the surface.  We are practicing the difference between rocks that are smooth and rough.
~Working on our colors, mostly with Candyland and crayons.
~Asks for treats all the time, especially chocolate chips and "Stabusts" (Starbursts)
~Loves being outside
~Says "thank you"
~Loves playing with others
~Learned how to ride her bike really well and say "no no no" while we were away in Las Vegas

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