JULY! A little late...

We loved our month together and did lots of fun things!  
Tracy Aviary~ Daph's favorite was the pretty flowers!

July 4th parade.  She borrowed this chair for a minute from a little boy sitting next to us.
 Daph won a bunny rattle at North Ogden's Cherry Days
 Giving kisses
 Loved playing outside in the water!  Especially with water balloons

 & pushed Teddies around in a shopping cart.
 This is her silly "cheese" smile for the day.

 Daph went to bed before the real fireworks, but she loved the smoke bombs and flowers we did earlier in the night.  This is she and Daddy doing snaps, which she was an expert at.
Feeding the ducks at Grandma Wilcock's

 Fun with Auntie Alaina!
 Daphne was able to go into nursery on July 1st.  She did great and we were so proud of her.  Here is her first sweet little nursery project:
 Feeding her baby a bottle.  She also loves feeding her Teddies and stuffed animals.
 Playing in the water at Lagoon

 Swimming with Cousin Maya

 Whenever Daph sees one of our shirts, she always tries it on around her neck.  Today it was Daddy's tie.
 24th of July Parade!  All the cute missionaries.

 We finished off the month by cleaning our garage...
 & doing head stands.

Also this month...
~Daph started her first day of nursery on July 1st!  She did great the first few weeks and now has a major meltdown every time we try to leave her.  Hopefully she'll get used to it again soon.
~Knows all the actions of "If you're happy and you know it"
~Claps in between the verses when we sing Hymns at church
~Learned how to ride her bike
~Loves feeding her baby a bottle, feeds her baby peas, and feeds her Teddy a water bottle.  She is very caring.
~Loves licorice, M&Ms, olives, red pepper
~Signs "please" when we ask her to use her manners
~Daph is always caught pouring her water out of her sippy so that she can splash in it.
~Loves to meow like a kitty
~Yells "Whee!" when she runs down a hill
~After we count 1, 2, 3, she will say "Go!"
~Always goes to the same spot by her highchair to poop.
~Daph often brings me my shoes to try on, and wants to try them on as well.
~Learned how to quack like a duck, says "beep-beep" for the sound a car makes
~Daph's new words she started saying this month:  Hooray!, cow, potty, baby, day, bowl, read, rock-a-bye, splash, Mama go?, key, whoa, circle, dress, chest, brush.
~Hates:  putting sunscreen on her face and trimming her toenails.
~We were on a walk recently and Daphne saw a dog and started signing "please" like crazy!  Loves dogs and cats.
~I gave her a bowl of cheese the other day to eat in the living room, and instead of eating her cheese cubes she put one on her baby, one on her Teddy, one on her bike.  She is a good sharer.

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