Our cute little lamb!

We got "Booed" a week or two ago and forgot to put our sign on our door... tonight we got booed two more times. I guess that's the strategy for getting a lot of yummy Halloween treats! Oops.


Just playing...

Feeding ourselves better...

"Big" arms...
Pretty new dress...

& wrestling with Daddy!


We took Daph to the zoo for the first time! All of the animals were out and active, and we even saw the new baby elephant. Daphne loved watching the giraffes and a ram eating the leaves off of a branch, and she also equally enjoyed watching some pigeons and the water features in the cages. We also loved the big gorilla, and he loved Daph; they had a staring match with each other, and Daphne won. It was a wonderful day!



Since July when we moved into our house, I have been nursing Daphne while sitting in this little number. INCREDIBLY squeaky. Also incredibly ghetto.

I am very excited to say that from now on I will be swiveling, reclining, rocking, and gliding my baby from this beautiful piece of heaven. Goodbye, folding chair prison. Hello, comfy bliss.


I was looking through the pictures on our camera, and was thinking about how precious our simple moments together at home are. Like...

New zebra pajamas

The pulls on our blinds are one of Daph's favorites!

Folding laundry

This picture makes it into the top 5 that we have of her! One of my FAVORITES!

Excuse the no make-up...

I wasn't going to post this one but I couldn't help it... Gross? Absolutely. Also funny? Yes. There's nothing like a picture of your baby mid spit-up.




Daphne is already 8 months old!! We are IN LOVE with her and she has become quite the little lady.

She loves...
~Playing with her animal toys, especially her cow
~Looking into mirrors
~Singing songs
~Playing with her big pink ball
~Talking! Especially at church. She has an adorable squeal and is using more sounds.
~Getting tickled while on her tummy (which is about the only activity she tolerates on her stomach)
~Looking at her hands! She loves putting her hands high in the air, watching them, putting her toys above her head, and...
~Waving! She started waving September 20th, and started clapping September 22nd
~Looking at, holding, and sucking on her feet
~Reading books! She loves turning the pages, leans in to look at the pages she likes (usually the pages with animals or children), doing all the flaps in Dear Zoo, and she even 'kisses' her books on the pages she likes. She also seems to really like anything red when we read her books.
~Feeding herself. She started feeding herself and using the pincer grasp on September 15th, and started cutting her first tooth September 2nd. She now has her two bottom teeth!
~Eating everything except for peas and peaches
~Sitting! She loves to sit, and when we try to do tummy time she rolls almost immediately onto her back. Needless to say, she doesn't have a big interest in crawling yet.
~Her sippy cup! Hallelujah, since she has been a bottle-hater since month 4.
~Getting her hair blown on
~Looking at/touching my earings, necklaces, our ears, and Jared's hair. Also, one of her favorite new toys is a stretchy pearl necklace.
~Chewing on her tongue
~Sitting on the front porch with Mama and getting the mail with Daddy
~Falling asleep in her carseat
~Stepping! She has started taking more steps instead of just jumping.

Also, I wanted to keep track of the colorful nicknames for Daphne that have taken shape; they include: Daph, Daffy, Daffy-Waffers, Daffy-Wafferton, Missy, Girlfriend, Baby Cakes, Miss Magoo, Little Missy, & Baby Girl. I'm not sure how some of these originated, but she gets called all of them. I'm not really sure how she knows her real name, but she does.

We love our sweet baby and don't know what we would do without her!



When we moved into our house, our yard needed A LOT of help... since July, we have been outside to weed it zero times. We decided to focus on getting everything organized inside, pretend we don't see our weeds, and start on our yard in the spring.

Last Friday, I got a knock on our door and was surprised to see two neighbor boys there with gardening gloves on. One of them said, "Can we weed your lawn? Cause it looks like you really need it." Absolutely they could... 20 minutes later, I went outside to see how everything was going and found 6 neighbor kids weeding my flower beds. With an 8-month-old I had no time to be embarrassed... I was just happy to have the help! Not only did they come on a Friday afternoon after school, but they stayed for 2 1/2 hours!! Bless their little hearts. They are my heroes.


We had a wonderful month, and Daphne is getting to be such a grown-up girl!

Helping Daddy with laundry! Look at that sweet face.
On Labor Day, we walked around temple square together. It was so much fun!
First time down the slide at the park.
This is my amazing view from my kitchen sink!
Daph LOVES getting drinks of water, and now even loves her sippy.
Sweet baby! On our way home from a visit to Logan, we stopped at the Brigham City Tabernacle to see the progress on the temple. Beautiful!

Daph has started to wave!