When we moved into our house, our yard needed A LOT of help... since July, we have been outside to weed it zero times. We decided to focus on getting everything organized inside, pretend we don't see our weeds, and start on our yard in the spring.

Last Friday, I got a knock on our door and was surprised to see two neighbor boys there with gardening gloves on. One of them said, "Can we weed your lawn? Cause it looks like you really need it." Absolutely they could... 20 minutes later, I went outside to see how everything was going and found 6 neighbor kids weeding my flower beds. With an 8-month-old I had no time to be embarrassed... I was just happy to have the help! Not only did they come on a Friday afternoon after school, but they stayed for 2 1/2 hours!! Bless their little hearts. They are my heroes.

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