I was looking through the pictures on our camera, and was thinking about how precious our simple moments together at home are. Like...

New zebra pajamas

The pulls on our blinds are one of Daph's favorites!

Folding laundry

This picture makes it into the top 5 that we have of her! One of my FAVORITES!

Excuse the no make-up...

I wasn't going to post this one but I couldn't help it... Gross? Absolutely. Also funny? Yes. There's nothing like a picture of your baby mid spit-up.


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Smith Family said...

SHe is precious!!!

Josh loves her too!

Looks like Kelsey's little girl will have some competition...

Your house looks so cute and I love that you have clorox wipes in the background of your first movie...love those!

Karen, we miss you guys and when we finally come to Utah we will have to catch up for sure!