So I have officially been put on bed rest as of this past Monday! That darn high blood pressure... it's been creeping up for awhile this last trimester, so now my days consist of laying on my side. Jared has been a trooper and has taken such great care of me. Bed rest is definitely not glamorous; yesterday was the first time all week I had actually gotten ready. I had an appointment yesterday where the doctor told me to go straight over to Labor & Delivery to get monitored. After 3 fun-filled hours at the hospital, they let me go home with even more strict instructions to do nothing. Fortunately, the baby is still doing great despite my blood pressure spikes! She's a little over 6 pounds and growing more everyday! We sure are excited for her to come!

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Smith Family said...

WHAT? Oh no friend! I hope you are doing better. Yeah, bedrest seems like it would be incredibly hard. Hope you had fun at your shower and sorry again I couldn't come. I hate driving at night through canyons. I really missed coming though :(.

Good luck with everything and keep me updated when your little ones comes.