We were incredibly excited to finally be coming back to Utah, the land of mountains and no humidity! Pregnancy and extremely long car rides don't mix very well, so we were happy to take our time on our trip home.

First, we visited Adam-ondi-Ahman; it was so beautiful and peaceful!

Next, we made our way to Far West and Liberty Jail. We felt so blessed to be able to see these beautiful church history sites. The Spirit was so strong, and it was special to be at each of these places. The temple site was in a quiet, remote area, and you could feel that it was special. Certain parts of the Liberty Jail, such as the dungeon floor, are still the originals; it was mind-blowing and humbling to realize the hardships that occurred there.

One of my best friends in the world is serving in the Missouri Independence Mission, so we were also able to see her!

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Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures! What great experiences you've had!