We thought that it was about time to catch up!! We are happily 29 weeks along, and our baby girl is growing and moving! She is about 2 and a half pounds and 15 inches long! It is so much fun to feel her move more now, and she usually gives us a little kick when Jared talks to her through my belly. Everything is going well with the pregnancy, despite not being able to see my toes anymore. Bending over has gotten quite a bit more difficult the last couple of weeks, so if something drops on the floor then I usually don't bother getting it unless I absolutely need it. Jared has also started helping me put on my shoes. Here's a picture of my ever-growing belly:

And this week, the baby is the size of a... butternut squash! How cute.
These next pictures sum up our last couple of weeks:

For my brother's birthday this year, we all went go-karting (I of course was only the support person who watched). Everyone got a stylish head shield to wear underneath the helmets, and we thought it was photo-worthy. Jared's at the bottom, then my little sister Michelle, my dad, and my brother Pete. They all raced like champs!

Jared and I have discovered a true pleasure in life: Lee's Marketplace French bread. Pregnancy lets you eat half a loaf at a time without thinking twice about it.

A few of my good friends from school and I were able to get together for lunch last week at Cafe Sabor. Good food, but better company. They are fabulous!

One of the absolute best days in the last couple of weeks was the beautiful baby shower given by the Wilcock side of the family. I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws who worked so hard to make this shower so fantastic. My mother-in-law even went to the trouble of making sushi!! I had about 8 California rolls and was in heaven. My sister-in-law also set up a scrumptious chocolate fountain. My dream come true. We are so grateful for everyone's generosity and love!

And just in case you want a comparison picture, this is me at 27 weeks.


Caralee said...

Looks like you guys are having some fun times and you look so great pregnant, Karen! I'm so sad I missed the shower! :( I was seriously thinking about all that day. But we will see you soon...Yeah!!

Nicole said...

Karen, love the update! You look so cute! I just love you... Although I look like I have no neck in our picture. :)