The past two weeks have been very eventful for our little family! Daphne had her two week appointment, and she is doing great! Her Bilirubin count has gone down and she is gaining a healthy amount of weight. She has gotten the hang of eating now, and stays awake well during her feedings (for the most part). At her appointment she weighed 7 pounds 1.5 ounces and was 20 inches long! She is in the 40th percentile for head circumference, the 25th percentile for length, and the 15th percentile for weight. She is staying awake longer during the day, and we can see more of her personality showing.

Some of our favorite things about her:
~She is one of the noisiest sleepers we have ever heard! She grunts, cries, and moves without waking up.
~She loves to put her right hand up by her face when she sleeps.
~She breathes really fast and makes the cutest smacking sound with her lips right before she eats.
~She is getting more used to bath time, so it's becoming less traumatizing for her.
~She falls asleep well when her face is next to yours.
~She has found her voice, and we are now able to distinguish a real cry from her cute little yells.
~She's a strong girl and holds up her head successfully for a few seconds every once in awhile. She also won't let you move her arms and legs if she is in a position that she likes.
~She actually smiled and laughed in her sleep today! It was so adorable!

We are also starting to get into a routine, and it is so cute to see her smacking her lips right after we change her diaper because she knows it's time to eat. Daphne is growing and becoming more aware of everything going on around her! We are so thankful she is a part of our family!

Also, Jared started his new job last week as a Manufacturing Process Engineer and we are so proud of him! We miss him during the day but we are so thankful he is working so hard to support our family. We feel so blessed!

Daphne in one of my favorite of her little outfits

Daphne and Daddy

Sweet sleeping baby ~ 2 weeks old

Daphne's first real bath! Can't you tell how much she loves it?

A little more used to the water...

Cute little diapered baby

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daphne ~ 3 weeks old

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Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

Those are two different baths, right? Because she looks super different. She is SO cute! I love your Valentine picture! Jared's present to Karen is pretty nice, but it can't beat Karen's present to Jared!