We are convinced that Daphne is the cutest little girl in the world! She has become much more interactive, and we are so happy that she is ours!! Here are a few new things about her:

~She started smiling March 3rd!
~Daphne laughed for the first time March 8th! So cute.
~Her favorite new position to be held in is on her tummy against your chest
~She holds your arm when you help keep her binky in her mouth
~She has started sucking on her fists
~She hates it when we wash her hair
~She tucks her thumb in when she makes a fist
~She has the cutest big smiles when she is asleep
~She is getting better at sleeping at night
~When she is hungry, she doesn't like being tricked with her binky
~She calms down and falls asleep the best when being sung to
~She loves her vitamin D drops
~She is the best eater! No difficulties there.
~She rarely cries when her diaper is being changed; instead she stares at the Utah State sign by her changing pad. It just happened to be on the wall where we change her, and we think she loves it because of the contrast between the blue and white. It has become her buddy, and she now talks and coos at it. Her first intentional laugh was also directed towards her Aggie sign... so funny and cute!

Also, I took her in to get her bilirubin count checked when she was 5 weeks old, and they weighed her like they do at every appointment. How much did she weigh? A whopping 9 pounds 5.5 ounces! In three weeks, she gained over 2 pounds! She jumped from the 15th percentile for weight at her 2 week appointment to the 50th percentile at 5 weeks! She loves her meal times. Good girl.

We sure do love our Daph!!

Asleep on her Baby Bjorn

Look at all that hair!

Daphne's best buddy: her Aggie sign.

Headband malfunction... oops.

Sleepy baby, sleepy daddy.

Our four generation picture with my mom and Grandma Lola

Daphne with Grandma and Grandpa Wilcock


natalie. said...

this was basically the best part of my night.
i love when you update your blog.
i need to come see that babykins!

Stacie Couch said...

Daphne is so adorable! I love all of her cute outfits :)

JoAnna Bischoff said...

She is a cutie. Where are you guys living right now, I don't even know? I had to laugh a little when you said how much she weighed... I never saw Cora when she was that little, on day one she weighed 9 lbs 7 oz :)
All the pictures are great. You look beautiful.

Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

Way to go on the weight gain!! I love that her "best friend" is the Aggie sign. Too cute! Karen and Daphne could be twins in some of these photos.