We know we have neglected our blog this past month, but Daphne's cutie-pie pictures will make up for it! She is doing wonderfully, and we can see more of her sweet personality showing each day. She turned 3 months old on Thursday, and we feel like she has been a part of our lives forever. We are so happy to be a family.

A few things about Daphne that we've loved this past month:

~She loves to suck on her upper lip and both of her fists (especially her left one)
~Daph is starting to become more interested in her toys
~She is a HUGE talker!! She coos and talks up a storm. She is very social, and will tell you very long stories.
~She is not a big fan of tummy time, but we are practicing. It always ends in crying.
~After nursing for awhile, she usually looks at me, smiles, and starts talking instead of eating.
~She is sleeping well at night and we are trying to master bedtime/nap times
~She loves her bath and is learning how to splash
~She loves taking walks outside
~Daph doesn't like being in a reclined position anymore; she wants to sit or stand up instead
~She has mastered her pretty smile and is starting to laugh
~Her favorite thing to do is blow bubbles and drool
~She is very good at raising her right eyebrow
~She holds your arm while you change her diaper
~She has very pretty eyes and long eyelashes (both from Jared)
~She has a great attention span and will listen well when you talk to her
~She likes to "run" really fast... future track star in the making
~Daph is starting to touch her books during story time
~She has started to smack her lips really quietly like a little fish
~If you start smiling and talking to her while she is crying, she will stop crying, smile back, and then remember why she was crying and smile-cry for awhile
~When she wakes up, she welcomes you with the biggest smile in the world. That's my favorite part of the morning!

We sure are in love with our Daph!

I am also incredibly happy to announce that I wore my real pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday for the first time... they buttoned up and everything!

One of my favorite pics: Daddy-Daughter ESPN time

~Daphne Wilcock~
Blessed by her Daddy on April 10, 2011

My mom made Daphne's beautiful blessing dress!

Daphne's first walk

One of our first family outings: Mini Golfing

Happy Easter!!

Daphne's Blessing Day

Bath Time

Play Time


kmo said...

She is getting so cute and so big. I love her talking back to you.

Caralee said...

Daphne is so beautiful with those gorgeous, big eyes!! I love the blessing day video. She is talking already... I'm sad I missed it but I'm excited to finally meet Daphne soon!