I can't believe our baby is already 7 months old! Time has flown by lately!

Daph's 6 month stats:
Height: 25.75 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 16.8 pounds (60th percentile)
Head Circumference: 44.8 cm (95th percentile)

Her favorite hobbies:
~JUMPING! Whenever her feet hit a solid surface, she will start to jump.
~Sitting. She hates anything that feels like tummy time or rolling, but she is a professional sitter.
~Playing in her exersaucer, especially with the animal buttons
~Listening to us singing and reading her books. Her favorites are "Wheels on the Bus" and Dear Zoo (Dear Zoo is pretty much destroyed. She sucks on every page.)
~Playing with the tags on her toys
~Touching and holding (and trying to suck on) my phone and Jared's watch
~Tearing, crunching, and trying to eat paper
~Sucking on her toes
~TALKING! This girl can hold quite the baby conversation. Her favorite new sound is "ooh." She says "ooh" to everything she sees.
~Drinking water out of a cup. She officially HATES bottles, sippy cups, and binkies.
~Eating. She loves everything she has tried (except maybe peaches, we need to give those another shot). We even tried avocado the other day and it was a success.
~Cooking with mama. She helps by sitting in her Bumbo and playing with measuring cups/spoons and tupperware lids.
~Taking off my glasses. It's getting harder and harder for me to wear them, because she knows exactly how to take them off my face. Expensive toy.
~Slapping our hands. If you hold them out in front of her, she will usually start giving you baby high-5s.

Other happenings:
~She got her first cold, and I am VERY happy that it is all over, for both she and I. A baby who wants to be held all night = no sleep for mama. Poor thing, it's hard to watch your baby have a stuffy nose and cough.
~She has started giving hugs!!! She will put her arm around me and squeeze. Sometimes she hugs my arm... It's more her size, and it melts my heart.
~She has the funniest squinting face when we go outside. I'll have to try to get a picture of it soon.
~Daph also has a new fascination with our hair (mostly with Jared's). She touches it so gently and rarely pulls.

We must not have been very funny before, because Daph only recently started to belly laugh. Hopefully we can step it up in the funny department. (If you watch her right foot, this is one of my favorite little habits of hers: she continually rotates her foot in circles. She is going to have a very strong ankle.)

Every night she walks (jumps) to her bath.

Very very sleepy baby!! She is so sweet.

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