Here's a birthday update from a few weeks ago - When Jared got home from work, I opened my wonderful cards and gifts... I was so excited to find Prenatal Yoga and Pilates DVDs along with new UGGs for this coming winter! I am in love with UGG boots, and I have worn out my current pair so badly that they have holes and tears up the back of them. They also used to be pink and now are the color of dirt. So, for the coming cold winter, my feet will be cuddled inside new boots! Jared then took me out to dinner at a place called "Sushi House," where I rekindled my love for sushi! It was amazing, and I'm sad that we can't just transport this restaurant to Logan. To finish off our night we rented Harry Potter (which about gave me nightmares) and ate cake from our favorite bakery up the street. It was a fabulous birthday!

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I love that you love Uggs! Happy birthday friend...I know it's late but better then ever! You are so cute and I can't wait to see what a little wilcock looks like :)