One of the best things about Iowa is that there are amazing Farmers' Markets! We went to one that is considered to be one of the largest open-air markets in the mid-West. It was great fun and absolutely huge (12 city blocks with over 200 vendors). The video at the end is of a guy making pottery at the fair. We walked away with a yummy snow cone and a beautifully crocheted baby blanket!

Afterwards we went to our new favorite "Sushi House" restaurant, where I ordered a whole plate of sushi... Our server thought we were sharing it, and looked at me like I was crazy when I said it was just for me. Raw fish is out during pregnancy, but I can still enjoy cucumber avocado rolls!

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Jeremy and Annisha and family said...

Happy Birthday to Karen! And CONGRATULATIONS to you both on expecting your first little one. We are super excited!! We miss you. Thanks for sharing your adventures. There's definately not enough sushi in Logan. My heart goes out to you there, Karen!