Look at this face... this little lady is who we get to look at every day.

Daph LOVES cars, and tells me about every car she hears or sees outside.

Daph is such a great eater and especially loves peas. She is so good about tasting almost everything we offer her. She says "Mmm" when I ask her if she would like to eat, and we are working on handing food she doesn't want to Mama instead of throwing it on the ground. The ground still gets the majority of her discarded food, and then she looks at me with her know-she-did-something-naughty look.
Her hair is gorgeous, and we love this outfit at the moment (which explains all the pictures of her wearing it).

A picture of her sleeping to remind me that this girl actually sleeps. She had a cold followed by Croup this month, so we are just now recovering from about 3 weeks of waking up every 1-2 hours each night. She loves her Teddy, which is the little fuzzy cream thing she is cuddling.
Looking through our friend's kitchen cupboards.
Daph LOVES being outside and has started crying at the front door and standing by her stroller. She also got some snazzy new tennis shoes that she loves to show everyone. She also insists on walking everywhere , and until recently she has been pretty tentative about walking without holding tightly to Mama or Dada's hand.

One of my FAVORITE things that Daphne learned this month (on the 15th) is how to sign "please." At first she would sign "please" on me, and then started signing it on herself. So sweet.
She has been carrying around things in her mouth while crawling. Hands-free.

Just wanted another pic of that gorgeous hair.

Daph loves cats and dogs, following them around whenever she is near them.
She is usually very soft.
Loves books, loves balls, and our favorite songs this month have been "Rubber Duckie" and "Mr. Sun."

Signing "please":

Daph does this with her legs all the time. She loves when anything is by her feet so she can move her legs like this:

Some more cute things about Daph during the month of March:

~Her favorite thing to do is play ball. She started saying "ball" clearly March 25th.
~Does "so big" by raising her arms above her head
~When I ask her to be soft she strokes my face or hair
~Loves to brush her own hair, even with a toothbrush
~Loves to watch birds and is close to saying "bird"
~Loves playing at parks, and follows around other kids if they have balls
~Has started putting things away
~Traces shapes in her shapes book with her finger
~Loves both her Big Teddy and her Little Teddy
~Likes playing with door stops
~Gives high-fives and tickles toes
~Loves hiding things under her legs and drops things so she can ask "go?" for "Where did it go?"
~Loves stroller rides.
~Likes to sniff
~Started saying "sss" when we ask "What does a snake say?" on March 16th
~Started to dance
~Learned where her leg is
~LOVES swimming. Although our swimming lessons are over, we still visit the pool every week.
~Likes to knock on doors and windows
~Had her first real owie jumping in her bed, biting her lip HARD
~Has started sleeping on her tummy with her bum in the air. Cute until she wakes up because she can't get comfortable again. We are still trying to figure out her sleep.
~Loves to be chased, especially before her bath
~Cut 2 of her molars
~Loves to "wash" her hands by watching mama use hand sanitizer so often
~Puts Teddy up to my face so that I can kiss him too
~Said "Elmo" and "a raw" (a rock) on March 28th. She hasn't said Elmo since, although she loves him.

A cute little story:  Daph and I were looking through a Parents magazine, where there are basically only pictures of babies and food.  She went through the whole magazine alternating between saying "Mmm" for the food and "Ohh" for the babies.  So sweet!

We LOVE our little girl and her sweet personality. She is learning and growing every day and we absolutely love being around her each moment!

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