April was such a fun month for us!  The most wonderful thing that happened:  Daphne started walking (April 5th)!  It is so fun to see our little girl walking around the house.  She is also talking up a storm!  Daph is so much fun to be around and our days are constantly filled with smiles and laughs.  She also turned 15 months old!  Here are her stats:

Height:  30.5 inches (60th percentile)
Weight:  21 pounds 8 ounces (40th percentile)
Head Circumference:  19.5 inches (95th percentile)

Daph loves watching Jared mow the lawn!  So cute.

Daph pulls an awesome "cheese" smile, which I have to ask for often since she is often more focused on grabbing the camera than smiling for it.
Her favorite things in the world are balls.  Jared is very happy about this.

Daphne loves to be outside, and especially loves playing in wood chips.  No matter where we go, every parking lot seems to have landscaping that includes wood chips, and we always have to play in them for a few minutes.
We finally got all our weeds out of our front yard.  When we moved in, it was a jungle.  Now we just have to make it pretty!  Daphne loved helping me with yard work, she especially loved putting all the rocks and dirt on her legs and on the sidewalk.  She says "owa" (flower) when she looks at our gorgeous dandelions. 

A little bit more about our month:

~Daphne's top 3 loves are cars, balls, and flowers.  She started saying "flower" this month and it is my favorite word she says.  She also started saying: "Boo, Bird, Ball Go? (where did the ball go?), Hi Mom, Okay, Amen (so sweet!  She also started folding her arms for family prayer), Cracker, & Open."
~She says "hmm" when we are thinking together
~Loves Froot Loops!  She looks for them in our pantry.
~Likes to unroll the toilet paper
~Does anything she can not to lay on her back for a diaper change
~Loves going to PetCo to look at the animals!  Loves dogs.
~Likes reading time before bed/nap, and her favorite book is Jesus Said
~Wants to cuddle every stuffed animal she sees!
~Daph wants to hold every ball we see, including all the produce at the grocery store that's shaped like a ball
~Is drinking milk and sleeping better!  Yay!
~Loves brushing her teeth
~She loves to dance, and we listen to music and dance while we eat breakfast and lunch.  She is loving broccoli right now.
~Loves to shop
~Daph is in love with Elmo!!

She also loves Singing Time in primary.  She loves being around all the kids and will often touch them lovingly.

I have also been trying to read the Conference talks in the Ensign, and Daphne likes to look at all the General Authorities in the Ensign and we talk about how they are all grandpas.  She points to each of their pictures and says "apa."

Also, my mom babysat for us while Jared and I went on a date this month, and we came home at about 10pm to find our Christmas lights turned on nice and bright in our neighborhood.  She thought they were the porch lights, and I couldn't stop laughing, Christmas in April!

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