We just got home last week from an amazing trip to Disneyland!!  Daphne did so well and we all had so much fun!  I loved taking her at this age.  It was a blast.  Here are our infinite number of pictures (I just couldn't leave any of them out):

Daphne and her cute cousin Maya, who were troopers in their strollers

A Disney miracle happened while we were there:  Daph learned how to fall asleep in her stroller!  It made our days so much happier.

One of her favorite things was Tarzan's Treehouse!  She loved doing all the stairs and watching the water.  
Sporting her Cinderella T-shirt:
My favorite "cheese" smile in the world!

We went to Goofy's Kitchen for a Character Breakfast.  Jared's sister Caralee and her family, and us:

Daph's favorite guy was Pluto, but wasn't so sure about him (and all the other characters) when they got too close.
More than anything, she loved her balloon.

First visit to the beach, and she LOVED it!  Ata' girl.

She started to really catch on to coloring while we were having lunch at New Orleans Square, and even got some Mardi Gras beads.
Flowers were everywhere, which meant Daph was in HEAVEN!  More than anything (including rides), she just loved to be around the flowers.  She is so soft with them, and could stay there forever.

You know you had a great vacation when you crash like this when you get home!  (Don't mind the mysterious black sock on the pillow)

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