Finally posting our wonderful month of May!  We had so much fun exploring and hanging spending time outside.  Here's our little beauty with one of her favorite things:

 Smelling the flowers we planted for FHE
 One of Daph's favorite hang-outs
 Finally a pic with she and Teddy!  These two are pals and she constantly loves on him.

 Daffy's "cheese" smile

 We now keep our rolls of toilet paper safely on the tank of the toilet.

 Easter party at Grandma Wilcock's
 We loved the City Creek fountains...

 ...and the flowers at Temple Square, of course.
 Children's Treehouse Museum

Also this month....

~We danced!  Daph loves to dance.  She was especially hilarious when she started dancing non-stop in the mall.  She brings sunshine to others wherever she goes!
~Not a huge fan of riding in her stroller, but loves to push it instead.
~Tries to hold two large things in one little hand
~Went through a hitting phase this month
~Sleeping so much better thanks to one of my favorite books, The No-Cry Sleep Solution.  We also stopped nursing this month around her 16-month birthday, and it went well for us both!
~Daphne LOVES birds and could watch/chase them all day!  She is also instant friends with anyone who has a puppy.
~She started rocking her baby, and it is one of my favorite things that she does!  It is so darn cute.
~Says "a" before many of her words, such as "a rock" and "a car"
~She saw my parents' cat resting on the ground, so when we ask her how she rests then she lies down on the floor.
~LOVES my parents' cat.
~She has gotten to the point where she talks all the time and sometimes I don't have any idea what she wants.  She'll look me right in the eye and say a mysterious word over and over, with no progress on my end.
~Daph is such a great talker!  This months she started saying:  "bye-bye, diaper, more, pat-pat, elbow, cheese, cool, cracker, & Auntie."
~She also can tell you what a horse, cow, and sheep say!  We love our Daffy!!

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