We are having a great summer and have cute pictures to prove it!  A little of what we've been up to:

Tracy Aviary
 Of course, her favorite part were the rocks.

 She was a little dare-devil playing in the splash pad.  At-a-girl!
 First time at my family's farm

 Exhausted baby.
 Wilcock reunion at Heber Valley Girls' Camp

 We got a new floaty and she was feeling nervous about it so we had Big Teddy break it in.
 Date at Lagoon!

 New Elmo jammies.   We now have multiple pairs.
 Father's Day
 First pony

 This is exactly how Daph falls asleep every day.
 One of Daphne and Daddy's favorites:  Red Vines.
 Swimming with her friend, Lincoln.

 Daphne was playing with this teddy bear at my parents' house, and I turned around and she had put him right next to the kitty.  I guess she thought he needed some company to eat with.

 We learned that we love sidewalk chalk!

Also this month:
~Loves cheese
~Says 'hi' to the kitty and holds his face so she can see his eyes
~Loves to dance
~Daph is the welcoming party at church, says 'hi' to all the kids she sees
~Loves swimming, cars, going outside, balls, and Elmo
~Likes to roll around/wrestle/jump on the bed
~Learned how to sign 'thank you' and blows kisses.  Her signs include: more, tired, all done, please, thank-you, hear (points to her ear, meaning 'do you hear that?')
~Always wants to see the pictures on the camera!  Explains why I have fewer and fewer pics of her actually smiling for the camera.  She mostly wants to just see herself on it.
~Sleeps on her stomach ALWAYS
~Started using silverware
~Her favorite body parts this month are 'knee' and 'elbow.'  She says both.
~Started letting me do her hair
~Words she started saying this month: "bee, please, oatmeal, water, more, bye-bye, baby, potty, Bert, Ernie, Kitty, bus, grandma, grandpa, camera, pool"
~Likes mangoes, avocados, oatmeal, Froot Loops, chocolate chips, NutriGrain Bars
~Loves her baby
~Does a great caveman walk
~Hates putting sunscreen on her face
~Says "K" for 'yes', and "A-ga" for 'outside'
~Loves story time at the library.  She saw a little boy there, went right up to him, held his hands and gave him a big kiss!  She just loved him.

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